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Monday, May 31, 2004

Rainbow Brite

Anyone old enough to even remember this perky little girl's toy? Yes, I'm being sexist, but to tell the truth, I didn't know ANY boys who played with Rainbow and the gang. No, nor watched her antics on t.v., either!

Anyway, she came to mind as I was gazing morosely out the window at the not-so-bright day commemorating our US veterans. We have school today. I'm afraid I was snappy and sarcastic with a parent who called:
"I'm just calling to see if you're having school today since today's a holiday?"
"Haha! No, of course not! We don't celebrate our veterans here. Sorry!"
"Oh. OK." (Somewhat at a loss for words, this innocent victim of my bitterness hangs up.)

As a veteran - don't care that I'm not war-time! - and a wife of one, and a daughter of one, and a grand-daughter of TWO! - I have issues with this town! Someone pointed out to me that we have Labor Day off and I can't expect to have all the holidays, but we have Labor Day off here because the flea market in this nowhere town's so big we couldn't get the kids to school before it was time to let them out again! Now, is that a celebration of the holiday or logistics, I ask you!

Is it appropriate to listen to Enya while teaching sentence structure to my English students? I hope so. Just as I'm hoping the coffee's an ok thing. Don't plan on going without either today. I may just be dangerous without them!

mocha 1.0

Friday, May 28, 2004

Jumped ship

Having jumped ship on this relationship I'm going to be celebrating with my husband, I feel obligated to point out in a very public forum that although I have not been as snuggly, as adoring, or as physically affectionate as in the past, these past few weeks of completely hectic living have made me appreciate this man more than ever. I am going to be a concerted effort to let him know how much I appreciate him!

And now you all know.

Mocha 1.0

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Timing is everything. If everything is going on, it is inevitable that (1) I will lose my voice - especially if it's essential like it is in teaching and (2) I will get sick. As in it's 85 in this classroom, the kids are miserable, and I'm feeling absolutely wonderful. It feels great!

Children are so wonderful. I've been so busy that everything's been sort of piling up around the house. Paperwork was everywhere, clean clothes were folded and left in little piles everywhere, and my boy's room is knee deep in toys, clothes, and who knows what else. But I took the time yesterday and my five-year-old gets up this morning and comes out and just goes on and on and on about how everything looks so beautiful and clean and wonderful! Sure made everything worthwhile!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Is this allowed?  Can I talk about something so icky on a public forum like this?  Well, the ol’ uterus is screaming at me, so that’s all I want to talk about right now: cramps, cramps, cramps!  Ay de mi.  The trials of womanhood.  Popping four ibuprofen hasn’t even helped.  Maybe that’s because I’ve been chugging caffeine all morning—I’ve heard that makes it worse.  So that just leaves the question: does whining about it make it any better?  Could be some sort of physio-cathartic effect.  Yeah, I think I feel the pain waning . . .


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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Help! OD'd on caffeine!

Earl Grey late at night is a bad idea. But that's just me. Tell me why my little boy's still up past midnight?! He's five years old! Besides having pink-eye and T-ball practice (his first!), what would be keeping him up? Very interesting!

Mocha 1.0

Sugar, please

My husband cooked a nice, healthy meal for dinner. Kind of him, huh? But my weak body craves sugar! Too bad I just finished off the candy I had stashed in my book bag. Now what will I eat? I'm hoping some of these emotional/stress-driven cravings will lessen when I finish all of this studying I have to do. When will it end?

Mocha 2.0

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Post in a pinch

It's a beautiful night to be sleeping. I think I will do so soon.

A gorgeous day today. I almost resisted spending money, but can at least say that only 5 bucks of today's outlay was squandered in a meaningless, consumable manner (Wendy's - we could have eaten at home). I never thought of myself as a spender, but now that I'm paying close attention to where it's all going, it's becoming rather obvious that I simply do too much. What is with this money dependency? I wonder if there's a drug to cure it? One that doesn't cost money? Hmmm. Preferably something OTC. Commercials on the television these days would almost lead me to believe OTC drugs can cure anything! Which reminds me, I have a time management problem, too. OTC for that?

Maybe just a mocha latte.

Mocha 1

Friday, May 14, 2004

Fantasy Fitness

So, I'm starting this new fantasy fitness regimen. I think it's a great idea. My husband's been great about supporting me with the whole getting in shape thing (read: trying not to die decades before my time thing), except just about every other day when he has something "really important" for me to do that precludes usually the cross-training portion of the whole program. So, I am going to be calling this my fantasy fitness regimen from now on.

I am very proud of myself today. In my fantasy, I did a hard cardio workout on the eliptical at the gym for 60 minutes! In fact, I went harder at a faster pace with a higher resistance than ever before! It may be so bad that I might not be able to run tomorrow. Especially the hill workout I'd had planned. Yes, it looks rather dire...

Mocha 1

Chinese Buffet

Went out for Chinese over my lunch hour.  Not that I’d need to tell any of my co-workers that.  I now have my own personal cloud of Chinese-food-aroma clinging to my skin, clothes and hair, announcing my lunchtime activities to anyone who does or does not care where I went on my lunch break.  But oh, was it worth it.  All the crab rangoons, general tso’s chicken, broccoli chicken and fried rice a girl could ask for.  I’m your stereotypical American, who loads up at the buffet trough like I’m preparing for an international food crisis. 


Guess I’ll have to get that jog in after work today.  In the meantime, I’m satiated and sleepy.  Better go get some caffeine J.


Mocha 2.5



You are funny.  And in pain, I gather.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

decaf moment

Ever gotten a burn from a really cheap venetian blind cord? What a great feeling! I would suggest trying it, but then someone actually would, and it's a feeling I really don't suggest emulating!

-Mocha 1


OK, now I’m feeling guilty about sending the last blog.  Dear Lord, shut my mouth when I’m about to spew!


Mocha 2.5



I live with a very sweet, but very lazy, messy, thick-headed husband.  Why doesn’t it occur to an unemployed man that he could at least take care of the housecleaning while his wife is away earning his keep?  Why, why, why?  You’d think, as he’s playing on the computer or watching TV hour after hour, that he’d think to himself, “Wow.  Here I sit on my butt while my wife is working.  I wonder if I should use all this spare time to do something useful?  If I don’t, then she’ll be doing all the work at the office AND at home.”  But no.  He sits; he plays; he sits some more.  And he seems perfectly content to let his wife do the cleaning when she gets home from work.  Is this a marriage we’re talking about here, or a parent/child relationship?  Sometimes I have to wonder.  It feels like I’ve signed on to take care of a special needs child. 


BTW, mocha-latte-girls, I hope you don’t disapprove of my candor.  I figured since we’re going incognito it wouldn’t hurt.  Besides, how many women out there can relate to me!?!  I’m Everywoman! J


Mocha 2.5



The Wide World of Blogging

For someone who thought she was super-savvy internet girl, I’m embarrassingly awkward trying to figure this blogging thing out.  I’m hoping this is all I have to do, but just to be sure I’m going to send this email and see what happens.


Mocha 2.5



If you read this blog before I edited it, I apologive for my rant. Let me just leave you with the last bit - it pretty much covers everything.
Rant, rant, rant. Ugh. Hate it when that happens!

I can't access or update my blog from school is what happened. Sent my extensive rant by other means. Girls - if life were so good that getting deblogged was the worst of it! Sure glad I'm not an MP right now!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Horse sense...

I can't believe I didn't mention that little detail of the new love of my life (assume previous mention of husband and child - dogs, cats, and various & sundry other animals) - a beautiful Palamino paint. Georgeous stallion! Really hoping he'll breed our even-more-beautiful black'n'white paint mare. 'Course, don't know how fair I'm being about the beauty aspects seeing as we got him yesterday completely underfed and undernourished while she's been pigging out since we got her as a young filly 4 years ago!

Never would have thunk I'd get that farm I wanted. Guess it's a little bit of a hobby farm right now, but it's weird how life turns out. 'Pretty much pictured going to school for the rest of my life, leaving children with unending loans to pay it off, and living a basically idyllic life free of childhood dreams. Instead, get idyllic life (definition coming later), aforementioned education and loan legacy for child, and childhood dream all in one.

Ah, perfection. Where's that mocha latte?

Mocha 1

Too late

I am way too old to be up this late creating an account in a medium I am just now learning about. Don't I have enough to do? What am I thinking?! Regardless, have to hit the sack. 'Have about 400+ 8th and 9th graders ready to annilhilate me tomorrow. Luv 'em dearly - truly.

Is it only Wednesday?

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