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Monday, June 28, 2004


Isn't it wonderful that we now have a place to go to be able to lie better? I was so excited to read in our local paper that there are actual web sites out there that people can go to get into newsgroups especially for the purpose of lying! Yay!

Apparently, just sending out a text-message to this newsgroup will provide numerous responses - even people willing to call that girlfriend and tell her he's the coach from some university and her boyfriend is having to go out of town now so that he can try out with said coach - who is totally not the coach and is, in fact, a complete stranger willing and able to lie, lie, lie! to allow this guy a chance to cheat on his girlfriend! Yes! This is the actual story given in the paper - this actually happened!

Dude, if you have that little respect for her and you want to cheat that badly, you don't want to be in the relationship except as a mooch and a pathetic hanger-on, loser co-dependent freak. Break it off before screwing around on her! And for anyone else out there who feels using this to lie to your boss, your wife, your husband, or even your best friend is a good idea, GET A LIFE!

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