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Monday, May 31, 2004

Rainbow Brite

Anyone old enough to even remember this perky little girl's toy? Yes, I'm being sexist, but to tell the truth, I didn't know ANY boys who played with Rainbow and the gang. No, nor watched her antics on t.v., either!

Anyway, she came to mind as I was gazing morosely out the window at the not-so-bright day commemorating our US veterans. We have school today. I'm afraid I was snappy and sarcastic with a parent who called:
"I'm just calling to see if you're having school today since today's a holiday?"
"Haha! No, of course not! We don't celebrate our veterans here. Sorry!"
"Oh. OK." (Somewhat at a loss for words, this innocent victim of my bitterness hangs up.)

As a veteran - don't care that I'm not war-time! - and a wife of one, and a daughter of one, and a grand-daughter of TWO! - I have issues with this town! Someone pointed out to me that we have Labor Day off and I can't expect to have all the holidays, but we have Labor Day off here because the flea market in this nowhere town's so big we couldn't get the kids to school before it was time to let them out again! Now, is that a celebration of the holiday or logistics, I ask you!

Is it appropriate to listen to Enya while teaching sentence structure to my English students? I hope so. Just as I'm hoping the coffee's an ok thing. Don't plan on going without either today. I may just be dangerous without them!

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