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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Post in a pinch

It's a beautiful night to be sleeping. I think I will do so soon.

A gorgeous day today. I almost resisted spending money, but can at least say that only 5 bucks of today's outlay was squandered in a meaningless, consumable manner (Wendy's - we could have eaten at home). I never thought of myself as a spender, but now that I'm paying close attention to where it's all going, it's becoming rather obvious that I simply do too much. What is with this money dependency? I wonder if there's a drug to cure it? One that doesn't cost money? Hmmm. Preferably something OTC. Commercials on the television these days would almost lead me to believe OTC drugs can cure anything! Which reminds me, I have a time management problem, too. OTC for that?

Maybe just a mocha latte.

Mocha 1


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