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Location: United States

Thursday, May 13, 2004


I live with a very sweet, but very lazy, messy, thick-headed husband.  Why doesn’t it occur to an unemployed man that he could at least take care of the housecleaning while his wife is away earning his keep?  Why, why, why?  You’d think, as he’s playing on the computer or watching TV hour after hour, that he’d think to himself, “Wow.  Here I sit on my butt while my wife is working.  I wonder if I should use all this spare time to do something useful?  If I don’t, then she’ll be doing all the work at the office AND at home.”  But no.  He sits; he plays; he sits some more.  And he seems perfectly content to let his wife do the cleaning when she gets home from work.  Is this a marriage we’re talking about here, or a parent/child relationship?  Sometimes I have to wonder.  It feels like I’ve signed on to take care of a special needs child. 


BTW, mocha-latte-girls, I hope you don’t disapprove of my candor.  I figured since we’re going incognito it wouldn’t hurt.  Besides, how many women out there can relate to me!?!  I’m Everywoman! J


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