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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Horse sense...

I can't believe I didn't mention that little detail of the new love of my life (assume previous mention of husband and child - dogs, cats, and various & sundry other animals) - a beautiful Palamino paint. Georgeous stallion! Really hoping he'll breed our even-more-beautiful black'n'white paint mare. 'Course, don't know how fair I'm being about the beauty aspects seeing as we got him yesterday completely underfed and undernourished while she's been pigging out since we got her as a young filly 4 years ago!

Never would have thunk I'd get that farm I wanted. Guess it's a little bit of a hobby farm right now, but it's weird how life turns out. 'Pretty much pictured going to school for the rest of my life, leaving children with unending loans to pay it off, and living a basically idyllic life free of childhood dreams. Instead, get idyllic life (definition coming later), aforementioned education and loan legacy for child, and childhood dream all in one.

Ah, perfection. Where's that mocha latte?

Mocha 1